Treatment For Bent Penis or Abnormal Shape of Penis

What is Bent Penis or Abnormal Shape of Penis (Peyronie's Disease)?

Bent penis or abnormal penis is a structure of slight curve in the penis. As long as there is no pain or problem with sexual performance, men with a slightly curved penis should not be concerned. They do not need to see a doctor. However, some men develop a more serious bend in the penis. This bend interferes with sexual function or causes pain and can also cause erectile dysfunction. This occasionally happens after the penis is injured. Injury may occur during intercourse or from a motor vehicle or industrial accident. Most cases, however, are the result of a poorly understood process known as Peyronie’s disease.

How many people affected by Bent Penis or Peyronie's Disease?

According to the NIH, 1% to 23% of men between age of 40-70 years, are affected by bent penis or peyronie disease problem.
AGE: 40-70

Cause of Bent Penis or Peyronie's Disease:

When you become sexually aroused, blood flows into sponge like spaces inside your penis, expanding and stiffening it. A bent penis generally occurs when these spaces don’t expand evenly. Most often, this is due to normal differences in penis anatomy, but sometimes scar tissue or another problem causes a bent penis and painful erections. In Peyronie’s disease, inflammation and scar tissue form along the shaft of the penis. No one is certain why this problem occurs. It may be triggered by repeated mild trauma during sexual intercourse. Slightly bent penis is ok and usually neither needs treatment nor the treatment helps much. You are having extreme premature ejaculation as you ejaculate even before penetration. This condition is treatable with home remedies and proper counselling.

Possible underlying causes of a bent penis include:

Peyronie's disease:

Peyronie's disease is penis problem caused by scar tissue, called plaque that forms inside the penis. It can result in a bent, rather than straight, erect penis. Most men with Peyronie's disease can still have sex. But for some, it can be painful and cause erectile dysfunction.

Injury to the penis:

Penis injury is a primary cause of bent penis problem. Injury may occur during intercourse or from a motor vehicle or industrial accident.

Autoimmune disorders:

Your body's immune system protects you from disease and infection. But if you have an autoimmune disease, your immune system attacks healthy cells in your body by mistake. Autoimmune diseases can affect many parts of the body. It can also causes bent penis problem.

Connective tissue disorder:

For instance, Dupuytren's contracture, a thickening and tightening of tissues in the hand, causing the fingers to pull inward.

Bent Penis or Peyronie's Disease symptoms:

Signs and symptoms of Peyronie’s disease may either emerge gradually over time or appear abruptly. The primary symptom is a considerable curvature of the penis – the penis bends, sideways, downward, or upward, depending on where the plaques are. Frequent symptoms of bent penis include:

Pain in penis: About half of men with Peyronie’s disease will first notice pain during intercourse. Symptoms may appear suddenly, or may develop slowly over time. Often the penis will feel firm or lumpy at the painful site.

Penis length: Peyronie’s disease can eventually result in a shortening of the penis. So, it decreases the length of the penis.

  • Erectile dysfunction:  Men with Peyronie’s disease may have difficulties in either getting or maintaining an erection so, erectile dysfunction is a primary symptoms of bent penis problem.
  • Plaques:  Scar tissue which is felt under the skin of the penis. It feels like a band of hard tissue. For some, it may feel like flattened lumps.  

Bent penis problem & solution:

The various causes for angulations penis are Peyronies disease, Chordee, post-traumatic, congenital & others. Now it is a very common sexual problem among various men in India and overseas. peyronies disease treatments are very simple and it is also 100% curable. How to straighten bend pennis naturally? Is now a very common question especially among boys. Maximum men suffers from curve to the left or curve to the right problem, often it is also called hanging to the right or left. Most of the affected men don’t know how to get rid of curvature? So, if you are facing this kind of problem then without delays consult with our experts they can provide you proper solution in physical and mental level include peyronies treatment exercises. Those procedure and treatment will definitely help you to overcome your problem and lead a happy sexual life.

1. Exercise

bent penis is curable through proper exercise and yoga. But the appropriate  peyronies treatment exercises are needed to be done otherwise it may be harmful for your body. Consult with our Experts & get the correct exercise and yoga.

2. Nutrition

Rather than exercise & yoga proper nutrition and diet are also played a vital role to cure bent penis problem. A proper food and supplements makes your body healthy which helps you to get out from depression.  Consult with our experts Now!

3. Expert consultation

You couldn’t do all this by your own. Expert’s consultation is very much essential. Otherwise it may be dangerous for you. Our experts can consult with you and know all the details. Then only with their advice you can start proper diet & exercise.

4. Medicine

Our experts don’t prescribe medicine at the very 1st time, If the improvement begins with experts consultation then it is very good for the patient but if some problem is there then after a proper decision, they will prescribe you the right medicine.

Bent Penis or Peyronie's Disease home remedies:

Some non-medical options that may provide Solution to bent Penis or Peyronie's Disease are:

Exercise frequently:  Frequent exercise (suggested by our experts), can make your body healthy & remove stress.

Reduce alcohol intake:  If you seriously get rid out from sexual problem then you have to reduce alcohol intake. 

Do not smoke tobacco:  Tobacco affects a lot to reduce your sexual desire. “Leave it”, as you read please leave it.

Avoid illegal drugs:  Don’t take illegal drugs, it not only causes sexual problem, but also enough to destroy your whole life.

When to see an expert?

You need to consult with an expert if you notice that a new curvature of your penis.

If you are experiencing pain during intercourse then it’s time to consult with experts.

If you are facing difficulties with erections & the problem is developing then you need to  consult with specialists. 

If you notice a firm or painful lump on your penis then don’t be late, consult with experts it might causes bent problem.

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