Secret Solution of Night Falls / Nocturnal Emission

What is Night Falls / Nocturnal Emission?

Nocturnal emission or night fall is a term applied to the involuntary discharge of semen during sleep. More common in men, this condition is when you genitals are stimulated by either your clothes or your sleeping position which leads to ejaculation. They are called wet dreams because when a male has this type of dream, he may awaken with wet clothing or bedding. This is because semen, the fluid containing sperm, is released during ejaculation. Wet dreams are not caused by masturbation during sleep; they occur without any manual stimulation.

How many men face Nocturnal emission or night fall?

A research on 2018 told that there are more than 11% men (most of boys) are suffers from some degree of nocturnal emission problem.


Cause of Nocturnal Emission or Night Falls

Which kind of dream it is?

Research has found that, on average, 8% of dreams have some sexual content. In the same study, both men and women reported having an orgasm in about 4% of their erotic dreams.

In the beginning such discharges take place by an amorous and sexual dream and consequently erection is attained fully and semen is discharged. Once this disease is not cured, such discharges take place quite frequently even without dreams and erection. If night emission takes place quite frequently it should not be ignored. Nocturnal Emission is a one kind of problematic condition, which harasses the males at some point in their life. However, if this therapeutic condition gets worse over the time, then it can harm affected person in both ways, psychologically and physically. Nightfall or nocturnal emissions are simply a reaction of reproductive system to chuck out the excessively produced fluid in it and male’s reproductive organ ejaculates this excess fluid when he is sleeping.

5 things you can do about Night Falls or Nocturnal Emission

Relax: It is stated that men experience more wet dreams when they are stressed. So you need to relax and sleep peacefully and spend some hours of your day to chill yourself. Ensure to eat well, and exercise regularly to ensure that wet dreams do not take place.

Sleep on your right side: In order to avoid any form of stimulation, start sleeping on your right side. You may also try wearing loose clothes while sleeping. Sleeping on the back or abdomen can lead to stimulation which ends in wet dreams. Also, avoid wearing tight under garments.

Avoid watching too much porn: Watching porn is a way of inducing all sorts of strange thoughts in your mind. Sexual images, videos or even nudity can lead you to thinking that way, especially when you go to sleep. These thoughts then turn into wet dreams.

Take cold showers: One of the major causes of stimulation is sensitivity of genitals. This sensitivity increases as you take warm showers. Hence, cold showers are recommended as they reduce the sensitivity of genitals and also reduce irritation while sleeping.

5 myths about Night Falls or Nocturnal Emission

Wet dreams do not reduce sperm count: Some people believe that wet dreams will reduce a man’s sperm count. However, wet dreams are a way for the testicles to remove older sperm and help with the natural formation of new, healthy sperm in the body.
Wet dreams do not reduce a person’s immunity: Some people believe that wet dreams can cause a person to have lower immunity to things such as a cold or infection. This is a myth and has no basis in fact. However, wet dreams can help reduce excess sperm in the testicles.
Wet dreams are not a sign of illness: It is a myth that wet dreams are a result of an underlying illness or medical condition. In fact, the opposite is true.Wet dreams are a normal occurrence and may be a sign of healthy sexual functioning.
Wet dreams will not shrink a penis: Some people believe that wet dreams reduce the size of the person’s penis. However, there is no scientific evidence for this. There are no illnesses, conditions, or natural occurrences that will cause the male reproductive organ to shrink.
Wet dreams are not always erotic dreams: Wet dreams are often associated with sexual or erotic dreams. However, this is not always the case. A person can have a wet dream without dreaming about sexual activity.

Night Falls or Nocturnal Emission cures

Save your sperm before time

1. Exercise

Nocturnal emission or night fall is curable through proper exercise and yoga. But the best exercise to stop nightfall are needed to be done otherwise it may be harmful for your body. Consult with our Experts & get the correct exercise and yoga.

2. Medicine:

Our experts don’t prescribe medicine at the very 1st time, If the improvement begins with proper diet, exercise & experts consultation then it is very good for the patient but if some problem is there then after a proper decision, they will prescribe you the right medicine.

3. Nutrition:

Rather than exercise & yoga proper nutrition and diet are also played a vital role to cure Nocturnal emission or night fall. A proper food and supplements makes your body healthy which helps you to get out from depression.  Consult with our experts Now!

4. Experts Consultation

You couldn’t do all this by your own. Expert’s consultation is very much essential. Otherwise it may be dangerous for you. Our experts can consult with you and know all the details. Then only with their advice you can start proper diet & exercise.

Advised to check frequent Nocturnal Emission or Night Fall

  • Do not sleep on the back
  • Do not use milk at night
  • Plenty vegetables, fruits should be taken
  • Take your night meal at least before 3 hours before going to bed
  • Excessive spices, wine, eggs, meat and other stimulating things should be avoided
  • Tea, curd, betel should be avoided
  • Food should be chewed thoroughly
  • Avoid taking much fluid after dinner
  • Void urine prior to going to bed.
  • Get up early in the morning since such discharges occur in the morning hours

Problem SolutionNocturnal emission or night falls

Many boys including men now days are suffer from night falls or nocturnal emission problem. The common question is how to control night fall? There are no nocturnal emissions causes are defined actually, but nocturnal emission treatment can drive results against this problem. Some men also suffer nocturnal emissions at 50 years of age. There are no such side effects of nightfall but it is enough to bring you in depression or anxiety or destroy your sexual life. The benefit of nightfall is it can clear your extra semen but it is not counted as a benefit. Our expert can suggest you how to stop nightfall by exercise? So, consult with our experts to stop nocturnal emission permanently.

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