Penis EnlargementSmall Penis: Causes; Consultation; Treatment; How to increase penis size? Home Remedies

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A Penis Size does matter

As we know average penile length is 6 inches (i.e. 15 centimeter). When penis is somewhat smaller than this, is called small penis. And when it is too small than normal is called Micropenis. This penis size is found in approximately 1% of men .The small penis may occur as single disorder or in some persons it may be associated with thin penis. In some persons penis is very thin as in children. It makes them sexually unsure of him and decreases their confidence.

Average penis size statistics:

Estimates on average penis size vary. Many people believe that a typical penis is 6 inches (in) long, but this is false and misleading, potentially triggering anxiety in those who worry about having a short penis.

6.00 inches
5.00+ inches
3.75+ inches
3.00+ inches

A 2014 analysis of data from 15,521 men discovered the following about penis size:

  • The average non-erect penis is 9.16 centimeters (cm), or 3.61 in long.
  • The average erect penis is 13.12 cm (5.17 in) long.
  • Penises longer than 6 in when erect are rare, with this length of penis falling in the 90th percentile.

Symptoms of it:

However, people with small penis syndrome obsessively worry about penis size. Some symptoms of small penis syndrome or PDD include:

  • A belief that the penis is unusually small, in spite of evidence to the contrary
  • Distorted perceptions of penis size
  • Placing an unusually high value on penis size
  • Feeling ashamed or embarrassed about penis size
  • Chronic distress about appearance of penis
  • Depression or anxiety about appearance

Causes of Small Penis:

Male hormone disorder is one of the common responsible thing, which causes of small penis. This includes:

  • Hypogonadisms, Hypothyroidisms, Testosterone deficiency may causes small penis problem.
  • Testicular failure, development defect, drugs, trauma, congenital defect may responsible for small penis.
  • Partial androgen insensitivity also causes small penis problem.
  • If your body suffers from Growths Hormones Deficiency then it can bring penis problem.

Treatment options for Small Penis:

For people with mild-to-moderate anxiety about penis size, researching data on average penis sizes or asking a doctor about what constitutes a micropenis may help. Some treatment options include:

  • Regular Exercise (Atleast 3x per week)
  • Proper diet with healthy nutrition
  • Regular consultation from Our expert
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT

1. Exercise

Penis Enlargement is possible through proper exercise and yoga. But the appropriate penis enlargement exercises are needed to be done otherwise it may be harmful for your body. Consult with our Experts & get the correct exercise and yoga.

2. Nutrition

Rather than exercise & yoga proper nutrition and diet are also played a vital role to cure Short Penis problem. A proper food for increasing penis size makes your body healthy which helps you to get out from depression. Consult with our experts Now!

3. Expert consultation

You couldn’t do all this by your own. Expert’s consultation is very much essential. Otherwise it may be dangerous for you. Our experts can consult with you and know all the details. Then only with their advice you can start proper diet & exercise.

4. Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT):

This type of therapy helps people understand how their thoughts affect their feelings and behavior, and it can help them find ways to reduce anxiety. It helps you recognize negative or unhelpful thought and behavior patterns.

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